Real Time Financial Data Access

Financial operations are based on trust. Trust is based on data.
FinTecSystems provides the data and makes all your financial operations possible!
We provide customized solutions for banks, financial services companies and payment processors.

Verify Risk Pay

Innovative Risk Management

For example, produce your direct debit mandate with validated bank account information directly from your client’s online account. Check the account balance and thus the creditworthiness of your clients.

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Minimize credit and fraud risks
Modern Risk Management

Modern Risk Management

The online account information reflects real life. It is the best and most valid information about your clients.

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Shorten and Automate Credit Applications

Shorten and Automate Credit Applications

Reduce the input fields, avoid mis-entries, and speed up your credit application process in real time.

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Integrated Online Transactions

Integrated Online Transactions

PIN / TAN payments are increasingly becoming popular on the Internet. Integrate the possibility of online transactions into your product.

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White-label Access to Bank Accounts

Our modern API supports the integration of online bank accounts and access to your clients’ financial information from within your product.

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Select a Bank

Your clients choose their bank using the bank code or BIC.
FinTecSystems currently supports more than 50 million bank accounts in Germany and Austria.

Bank Login

Your client grants us access to their online account using their well-known bank login credentials. Of course, the transmission of the login credentials is securily encrypted.

Processing the Account Information

Depending on your product and based on your requirements, we can identify certain information of interest in your client’s online account. (Client must opt-in.)

Transfer of Data

FinTecSystems sends the desired information in standardized form for further processing within your system.

Reduce Credit and Fraud Risk
with Online Banking Data

FinTecSystems makes access possible for you.

State-of-the-art security with certified datacenters!

State-of-the-art security with certified datacenters!

Simple Integration

A modern REST- and Javascript API enables a fast implementation without any restrictions.

Get access to all relevant german and austrian banks. No bank-specific implementation needed.

Provide Added Value with Our White-Label Approach

We seamlessly integrate directly into your product system. White label without redirect, device independence, and a responsive design allow you to remain “customer-facing.”