Schufa und Kontoinformationsdienste schaffen neues Scoring Modell

Credit Scoring 4.0: How Account Information Service Providers and Credit Agencies Create New Scoring Model

“Now we’ll just check your SCHUFA score and then we’ll sign the contract.” What may sound like a threat to the ears of many customers is actually common practice in day-to-day business. Whether changing electricity provider, terminating a mobile phone contract or granting a loan: nothing happens without a credit check. Credit agencies have specialised […]

Open Banking - wie Banken relevant bleiben

The Era of Open Banking: How Banks Can Remain Relevant After the Enforcement of PSD2

The topic of digitalisation is nothing new in the banking world. According to the Banking Association, online banking has become a favourite for the majority of bank customers, with apps playing an increasingly decisive role. Services that bring greater convenience in financial transactions are extremely popular with users. In the USA, many customers are even […]

Mann und Frau mit Umzugskarton

Credit Check Before Tenant Selection: The Digital Tenant Check Makes It Possible

Those who rent an apartment via a real estate portal are very familiar with the situation. Dozens, if not several hundred rental requests arrive within just a few hours of placing the ad. In addition to subjective selection criteria such as marital status, pets and smoking habits, agents and landlords quickly raise the question regarding […]

Was sind PISPs?

6 FAQs about Payment Initiation Service Providers

PISP, XS2A, PSD2 and Banking API – do these mean anything to you? It’s not always easy to keep track of these confusing terms when it comes to the increasingly popular Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs). In short, PISPs are third-party providers that initiate payments on behalf of customers. However, customers are not the only […]

Smart Data statt Big Data

Smart Data Instead of Big Data: Real-Time Lending through Intelligent Data Analysis

When it comes to data analysis, Big Data is one of the big buzzwords of our time. Thanks to automated processes, companies generate large amounts of data points every day, both in structured and unstructured form. Big Data has been the trend for several years now and FinTechs also use it to develop new products […]

Big Data Analytics und Künstliche Intelligenz: Turbo für die Banken- und Finanzwelt?

Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Turbo for the Banking and Financial World?

The automatic processing of data with the help of artificial intelligence is deemed to be the key to digital transformation in almost every industry. In the banking and financial world, there are already numerous application scenarios that would hardly be conceivable without Big Data and artificial intelligence. Numerous FinTechs are developing intelligent banking apps that […]


8 Frequently Asked Questions about Account Information Service Providers

The Digital Account Check serves as the basis of many innovative banking and FinTech services. In most cases, this is done by Account Information Service Providers who, on behalf of customers, make their information from their online banking accounts available to other banks and third-party providers. At FinTecSystems, we ourselves are an Account Information Service […]

PSD2 in Europa

PSD2 in Europe: A Mix of Slow Coaches and Quick Starters

More than half a year has passed since the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) came into force across Europe. Now is the perfect opportunity for a mid-term evaluation! Are the parties concerned complying with the requirements? Is it being implemented across the EU? Are people making the most of the opportunities? We would like to […]

PSD2 - Wie Banken profitieren können!

First Movers – How Banks Can Benefit from PSD2

Since the beginning of the year, it has been mandatory to implement the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe. Though it poses certain challenges for banks, it also opens up many new doors for them. Numerous financial institutions are still in the process of implementing the compliance requirements, but new opportunities are opening up […]

Banken und Fintechs

5 Ways FinTechs Can Help Banks and Lending Institutions

The era of open banking, PSD2 guidelines and news about API banking are bringing about changes almost every day in a sector that has been stable for many a blue moon. Most financial institutions now realise that the future of banking does not signal the end for banks; the future of banking is whatever they […]

Big Data in der Bankenwelt

Big Data in the Banking and Financial World: Hype or Healing?

In times of digitalisation, data is the lifeblood for companies in all industries. Or, as the Economist put it, data is the “oil of the digital era”. Data helps companies to better understand customer behaviour, uncover new business potential and optimise business processes. As digital transformation and connectivity advance at all levels of the economy […]

White Label Banking

White Label Banking: Driver of Growth for FinTechs or Sustainable Business Model?

When N26 was launched as a challenger bank in 2015, the Berlin-based bank set out to revolutionise the conventional banking experience. Customers should be able to handle all banking matters on their smartphone. However, how can a young start-up establish a bank if the journey to obtaining a banking license and the technical infrastructure required […]

Big Data

Everyone Is Talking About Big Data: History, Definition and Outlook

It is alleged that the computer scientist John Mashey invented Big Data during his lunch break in the canteen of computer manufacturer Silicon Graphics in the mid-1990s. Strictly speaking, it is not a technical invention, but rather a term for a phenomenon that was already becoming apparent at that time. According to Mashey, computers would […]

Open Banking - Das Tor zur Bank

Open Banking in a Nutshell: What’s Behind the Mega Buzzword

Financial institutions are facing fundamental changes, a new era is dawning in the financial world and banking is facing a radical change of direction – there really is no shortage of superlatives when it comes to outlining the effects of PSD2 on the banking industry. The EU Payment Services Directive undoubtedly gives impetus to the […]

Bonitätsanalyse 3.0

Lending Process 3.0 – 5 New Online Business Models That Become a Reality with the Digital Account Check

Customers who apply for a conventional loan are familiar with the procedure: the lending bank checks creditworthiness using salary statements, account statements, rental contracts and information services such as SCHUFA or Creditreform. From the customer’s point of view, this is far from convenient. There’s an awful lot of paperwork involved and it can take days […]

Voice Banking

Voice Banking: Is Voice Gaining Acceptance as an Interface in Payment Transactions?

Browsing through stock exchange pages can often be cumbersome, yet nowadays whoever wants to avoid this can request share prices using their voice. Voice is becoming increasingly important as an interface for controlling apps and online services. FinTechs and banks are thus faced with the question of whether voice will also establish itself as an […]

Junge frauen beim Ausprobieren der neuen Banking-App

8 Banking Apps That Don’t Really Have Banks Behind Them

Numerous FinTechs are working on digitalising the banking experience. From the customer’s perspective, bank transactions should be quick, mobile and as simple as possible. Since the introduction of PSD2 to regulate data exchange via banking APIs, there have been many open doors in the banking world for new providers. We have compiled eight examples that […]

Bank Manager besprechen Statistiken zu API Banking.

Fact Checking Banking APIs: 11 Statistics Every Bank Manager Should Know

API banking is a real win-win situation for banks and FinTechs. Many financial institutions in Europe and Germany are approaching the issue with caution, yet at an accelerating pace. PSD2, the EU’s revised Payment Services Directive, is bringing momentum to the banking world since the legal framework for data exchange via banking APIs has now […]

Frau am Laptop

Digital Account Check and XS2A Stimulate Real-time Credit Check

Any consumer who has ever made a classic credit application will remember the rather sluggish procedure. In order to perform credit checks, the lending institution requests account and salary statements by email, fax or post. The subsequent check takes some time, meaning that several days go by before a customer gains approval. With the help […]

Kollegen versammeln sich um einen Schreibtisch

Subject to Regulation or not: What Requirements Does PSD2 Place on FinTech Start-ups?

Newcomers to financial business have not always had an easy time in the past. For decades, established financial institutions have dominated the industry and shaped its business models. There have been gradual improvements in banking services, but not that many disruptive innovations over the last years. This has changed since January 2018: The revised version […]

PSD2 gestern, heute und morgen

PSD2 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Key Information on the Payment Services Directive

The conviction that FinTech companies will play a decisive role in the future banking landscape is now firmly established. Global investment in financial technology has increased more than tenfold in recent years. Since 2014, FinTechs have benefited from around 23 billion of capital, with this figure set to rise. In January 2018, the cards were reshuffled […]

The Basics of API Banking: What Every Bank Manager Should Know About Banking APIs

The Basics of API Banking: What Every Bank Manager Should Know About Banking APIs

Open interfaces, dynamic information exchange and numerous new providers: API banking is stimulating the market for payment and account information services. In particular, the EU Directive PSD2 is igniting an unprecedented dynamic in the banking world. Consumers gain sovereignty over their data and financial institutions make this data available to other market participants via banking […]

Junge Frau beim Online Banking

4 Banking Innovations that Make Our Lives Easier Thanks to Open Banking and PSD2

Open interfaces, new cooperation models and real-time data exchange: Open banking is a real bestseller. Whether it’s smart traditional banks, innovative Fintech startups or banking newcomers, everyone involved reaps the benefits from this new openness in banking. PSD2, which came into effect throughout the EU on 13 January 2018, is triggering the next digitalisation push, […]

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