Account Aggregation

Case Study: Debitoor

Relieving small businesses of the burden of invoices and accounting thanks to automatic account reconciliation

Many micro-entrepreneurs, sole traders, freelancers and start-ups rely on text and spreadsheet programs for their accounting – either because of a lack of time to research alternatives or because they are afraid of incurring too high costs for professional software. Debitoor, founded in 2012 in Denmark and today part of the European payment company SumUp, is active in more than 40 countries from its offices in Berlin, Kiev and Copenhagen. Its simple, cloud-based software was specifically developed to meet the needs of freelancers and very small businesses.

Thanks to its intuitive usability, no prior knowledge is required. It automates invoicing and accounting as much as possible, both saving time and minimising errors. Debitoor is also adapted to the mobile lifestyle of many entrepreneurs and is always available as a web and mobile app on all devices.

Debitoor Laptop Screen