Lendstar: For All the Money in the World

The Munich-based start-up Lendstar (www.lendstar.io) is the marker leader in Germany thanks to its mobile payment app. It allows users to send, share and borrow money as well as connect their German or Austrian current account in order to transfer money to friends and family quickly, easily and securely. Users don’t have to worry about entering the tedious IBAN and can use the service free of charge. The app can also be used to pay in many online shops, top up prepaid mobile phone credit and buy Amazon and Zalando credit (which entitles you to a cash bonus).

The beta version launch of the additional function LendstarGO also marks the start-up’s entry into the smartphone POS payment market.

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Starting Point: Payment Transactions Lack Sociability

Traditional online banking and conventional payment services and apps often lack the fun factor and appropriate social context. With Lendstar, however, users can not only transfer money from current account to current account, they can also easily pay their outstanding debts to friends, collect money for a birthday present, split a restaurant bill, or manage shared expenses on a holiday or for a shared flat. Amounts of up to 30 euros can even be paid using touch ID.

Family and friends that do not yet use the app can also participate in groups and send money by accessing a payment link. A chat function and group function are also integral components of the social finance app.

The Challenge: Seeking a Robust Interface and Universal Market Coverage

The aim was to make simple, fast and, above all, secure payments between friends and other private contacts possible – ideally directly from the sender’s current account to the recipient’s current account. For this purpose, a strong and reliable partner was required to provide the appropriate interface. FinTecSystems’ (FTS) complete coverage of German and Austrian banks coupled with its expertise in the area of transactions were the decisive factors for the cooperation.

Today, the FinTecSystems banking API is not only used to process P2P payments; it is also used to process online transfers to business accounts. In this context, Access to Account is granted in order to verify the account holder.

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The FTS Solution: XS2A via a Banking API Enables Account Verification and Rapid Bank Transfers

The FinTecSystems banking API, accourate xs2a, is the optimal solution to meet customer needs and enables universal access to bank accounts (XS2A, Access to Account), account information and transaction revenue. With the information shared by the consumer, Lendstar can identify the account holder unambiguously and in real time.

With the online transfer solution in the background, FinTecSystems will undertake payment initiation if a user of the Lendstar app transfers money to another person. The sender and recipient then receive real-time confirmation that the money is on its way. The service provided by FTS is thus perfectly suited to the needs of Lendstar.

Web Icons Kontozugang

With accourate xs2a, FinTecSystems provides an interface for all relevant consumer banks in Germany and Austria.

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Online transfers to all relevant current accounts in Germany and Austria work seamlessly thanks to accourate pay.

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Identification and verification of the account holder through the account check via XS2A.

Customer Benefit: Reliable and Stable Interface that Covers all Relevant Current Accounts

Essential service components of Lendstar are guaranteed thanks to the stable and secure account connection via XS2A and reliable online transfers via the FTS interface “accourate”. In recent years, the FinTech has also been able to establish numerous partnerships with banks.

In the meantime, 13 financial institutions throughout Germany are successfully offering their customers co-branded versions of the Lendstar app; more are expected to follow in the coming months.

Lendstar Geld senden
Limitless P2P Experience with XS2A

Thanks to FinTecSystems’ international banking API, Lendstar is compatible with all German and Austrian banks. The Lendstar app now supports over 100 million bank accounts at over 5,000 banks.

Verifizierung des Kundenkontos durch Konto-Check via XS2A
Customer Account Verification

The XS2A interface of FinTecSystems’ “accourate xs2a” and the resulting account login feature allow the app user to be identified and verified with absolute certainty.

Lendstar Datenschutz
Certified Data Protection by TÜV Saarland

The protection of customer data is number one on the priority list at Lendstar – this is also upheld by TÜV Saarland [Technical Inspection Association]


“Lendstar is THE bank-independent app to collect money, split bills and send funds directly from phone to phone. It is an innovative front-end solution that serves as a perfect partner and ideal project for payment initiation and customer identification as well as onboarding via XS2A”.

Maximilian EberhardtBusiness Development

“We made the decision to work with FinTecSystems several years ago. Right from the outset we recognised we had a very reliable partner by our side that always implemented our requirements in an uncomplicated and reliable manner and thus made a significant contribution to our growth. We are looking forward to further cooperation”.

Christopher KampshoffFounder and Managing Director of Lendstar GmbHlendstar.io