Credit Check

The Credit Check provides a 360-degree financial overview of your customer’s revenue history in real time based on account data in online banking.

  • The digital decision-making tool for loan commitments
  • Complete the scorecard regarding the solvency of your customer
  • Determine positive characteristics in order to evaluate your customer individually and more precisely
  • Ideal for credit/risk managers and customer managers at banks and financial service providers
Digital Account Check - Fraud Check
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Salary Check

Digital proof of income including information about the employer.

  • Record all types of income e.g. salary, emoluments, distributions, dividends, bonus payments, sustenances etc.
  • Real-time digital validation of your customer’s current employer
  • Ideal for risk managers at banks, landlords and brokers

Name Check / Identity Check

Validation of the account holder together with the IBAN and BIC.

  • Detect stolen identities in real time
  • Have the option to supplement the name check with 2-factor authentication in the form of a reference transfer pursuant to PSD2
  • Ideal for identification within a non-money laundering service
  • Landlords and brokers determine the identity of prospective buyers and tenants in real time
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Contract Check

The Contract Check provides you with an overview of all your customer’s current contractual relationships and expenses.

  • Offer your customer tailored value-added services on the basis of existing or previously missing contracts
  • Increase your customer loyalty and provide targeted offers
  • Ideal for insurers or personal finance managers

Rent Check

The Rent Check creates a digital summary of all rent-related income and expenses.

  • Check the creditworthiness of potential tenants in real time based on the digital account statement
  • Replace credit information from Schufa with digital bank information based on real-time financial data
  • Enable your prospective tenants to submit the relevant data on site easily with their smartphone
  • Ideal for property landlords, estate agents and property management companies
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Risk Check

The Risk Check provides a digital account analysis of negative features that is updated daily.

  • Reduce the risk of non-payment to a minimum
  • Enhance the scoring and create a customer persona
  • Identify chargebacks or the consumer’s debt collection payments
  • Ideal for credit/risk managers who wish to reduce the risk of non-payment by identifying special negative features

Known from

ISO 27001 FinTecSystems

Customer data is stored in a German data center certified according to ISO27001.

SSL Datensicherheit

SSL-encrypted transmission of all data. Double-encrypted access code


FinTecSystems operates in accordance with the strict German Federal Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).